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Imagine proving to the world that you're the best. Think you've got what it takes to be a Cessna 150-152 Top Gun? Well, here's your chance! An assortment of contests and games of skill lead the way to the crowning of "Top Gun", symbolized by the annual Clyde Award.


Spot Landing

Our landing contest is not a Spot Landing contest per se, it's a Style and Grace contest.  But here's the catch; the first part of your airplane to touch the runway has to do so within an 80 foot landing zone known as Green Acres. Touch down outside the zone and the landing doesn't count. Landings are judged by two individuals selected from the group of spectators. They may be pilots, they may be non-pilots. It doesn't matter because everyone knows a good landing when they see one. Highest score wins!


Nerf Drop

Each aircraft has three Nerf Delivery Units. The pilot guides the aircraft to a point over the target, no lower than 200 feet AGL, where the Nerf Delivery Specialist releases the Nerf in an attempt to drop it in a barrel. Credit is given on a declining scale. The farther away from the target the Nerf lands, the lower the score. Highest score wins! Think you can drop it in the barrel? Good luck. In sixteen years it's only been done once.



Scavenger Hunt

This is a true test of aviating teamwork. The Pilot flies the airplane, and the Navigator is tasked with finding objects on the ground.  When you return to Clinton, the Flying questionnaire is turned in and a Ground questionnaire is complete, relying only on memory (oh ok, you can use the pictures you took too). The team that correctly identifies the most objects wins. Flying skill, navigation, and an eagle eye are necessary to win this one.



After all contests are flown, the scores are tallied. Individual awards are presented to the best Pilot, Bombardier, and Navigator. Additionally, the Pilot with the highest combined score in all three contests is crowned TOP GUN and awarded the Clyde Top Gun Trophy. His name will be placed on the list of Top Gun winners and from here on out will be awarded all due honor and respect.

      TOP GUNS

2002   Gerry Nolan

2003   Rex Krauklis

2004   Rex Krauklis

2005   Gary Shreve

2006   Wayne Reynolds

2007   Ed Pataky

2008   Jeff Hersome

2009   Rob Couchman

2011     Dan Titus

2012    Dave Monskey

2013    Alex Bowley

2014   Chris Cummins

2015   Chris Cummins

2016   Matt Luce

2017   Will Howard

2018   Chris Cummins

2019   Matt Luce

2021    Freddie Williams

By the way, you don't have to be a pilot to take part in our contests. Every Top Gun Pilot needed a great Nerf Delivery Specialist and an eagle-eyed Scavenger Hunt Navigator to help them win the trophy. Don't feel like flying? You can still participate in the contests as a Judge, or head out to the drop zone and cheer on your favorite team!

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