Airplane of the Month • February  2003

 N64831 1978 Model: 152 Serial#: 15281442
2,037 of 2,626, 1978 152's manufactured
2,037 of 6,628, 152's manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Story of N64831:
From Owner Gerry Nolan:  I'm the fourth owner of this 152 which was originally purchased in Texas, and has been based in the Lone Star state its entire life. It was used primarily as a flight school trainer in the Austin area. It now has about 5,500 hours and no damage history. Paint was originally an orange color, (I think). My average annual costs about $1,500. I keep the airplane Hangared for  $160 a month. When parked outside on trips I use Kennon window coverings, a cabin rain cap, and engine cowl plugs.

I purchased it right out of overhaul in 1994 for $22,000. The previous owner got involved with a warbird and expenses he never imagined.  It was my good fortune that he decided to raise the money by selling the 152 after having it overhauled and painted.

It's equipped with a cruise prop; Bose headsets with intercom/yoke mount PTT; EGT/CHT engine monitor in the clock panel location; yoke mounted Garmin 195; original radios (one nav, one comm, transponder, VOR), Whelen Strobes, belly drain; doors latches; new glass; new visors, (very nice and recommended upgrade!)

The Lycoming runs extremely well having made 3 trips to Oshkosh without any maintenance whatsoever. For future upgrades, I may do the Sparrow Hawk engine upgrade at TBO; and I'm considering the Narco 122D self contained ILS instrument, though I intend to use the airplane for VFR only.

[Posted February 3, 2003]

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