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Wayne Makes a "Top Gun" Landing at Clinton  

Wayne Reynolds' Sleek 1975 150M
Year: 1975 Model: 150M Serial#: 15076478
697 of 1,278, 1975 150M's manufactured
18,477 of 21,404, 150's manufactured in the USA

History: N3372V was born on 01-07-1975 (Airworthiness Certificate Issue Date) as a  Cessna 150M Commuter. She grew up in Mesa, Arizona as a trainer for Superstition Air Service. When she was 2 years old, she was adopted by University Flyers at the Reno/Stead Airport in Reno, Nevada. She stayed in training service until 1984. In 1986 she was refurbished , and in 1992 received a new Imron paint job (that she still has to this day). N3372V was based in Reno until 1993 where she retired to Xenia, Ohio, into the care of a retired General. In December of 1997 she left Ohio for the sunny skies of Florida. She was based at Inverness, Florida (X40) until April 2004, and then adopted by current owner Wayne Reynolds:

Flying started for me when I was on my summer vacation during Elementary School.  My Uncle was a pilot, and he picked me up, in what I believe was a Cessna 182 on floats, on Cass Lake, Michigan.  What an amazing time that was.  One of those moments where time moves slowly, and makes an impression that lasts a lifetime.  My Uncle has long since passed away, but the seed was sewn, and flying was somehow going to be a part of my life.

Well, it took a lot longer than I had hoped for, but on April 16, 2002 I started my flight training at the Leesburg Regional Airport (LEE), in Leesburg, Florida. I was prepared to start my training the fall before; however the events of September 11th, placed a hold on those aspirations. I was 35 years old, and excited about realizing my dream of becoming a pilot. Well, the day finally came, and on November 5, 2002 I passed my Private Pilot check ride. What an incredible feeling. One of those top 5 days of a lifetime! Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m a Pilot!

About a year later, I started the second phase of my dream, and that was to own my own airplane. After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that a partnership was not for me, and in order to be a sole owner, I had to eliminate most 4 seat airplanes. After even more research, I narrowed my search down to the Cessna 150 or 152. I did my training in a 1978 C152 (N64848), and really liked the little Cessna. Two doors, low fuel burn, lower maintenance costs, and the price tag was more in line with what was in my pockets. So, one of the smartest things I did, was Join the Cessna 150-152 Club in March of 2004. What a great resource! I started looking at Trade-A-Plane ads, and the search was on. What surprised me most, was that so many of the planes I traveled to see looked great in the pictures, or 30 feet away, but once I got a closer look, corrosion was eating these birds away. What a shame. It was a good thing I wasn’t in a hurry. I thought I may never find the right airplane.

One early Saturday morning, I checked Trade-A-Plane online, and a new ad appeared for a 1975 C150M. It was located near me, in Inverness, Florida (X40). I talked to my wife, and she said she would love to take a ride over to Inverness, as long as a nice dinner was included. When we arrived, she had that look of “Oh No!”. She knew this was the plane! And sure enough, it was. I became the proud owner of N3372V on April 10, 2004.

 72V currently has 6,261.7 hours TTAF, 708.5 hours SMOH, and 42.6 hours STOH. She was painted in 1992, and it still looks great. As far as avionics, she has an Apollo (now Garmin AT) SL60 GPS/COM for the number one radio, a TKM MX300 NAV/COM as the second radio, a King KR86 ADF, a Cessna RT-359A transponder, an Apollo 360 GPS moving map display, a Narco Nav 122 VOR/ILS, a Westburg 4 probe EGT, and an ACK E-01 ELT with remote switch. As you can see, she is IFR certified (last completed in March 2006).

Wayne Reynolds
Eustis, Florida

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