Airplane of the Month • July  2005

Charles Moore's 1968 150H 
Charles and Michael make a "Package Delivery" at the 2004 Clinton Fly-In

Take Off Contest Scoring 

Year: 1968 Model: 150H Serial#: 15068656
1,458 of 2,110, 1968 150H's manufactured
10,655 of 21,404, 150's manufactured in the USA

Reg: N22980 Manufactured: 1968

I was raised as an airport kid. This particular airplane has been part of our family since 1997. My father, Charles Moore, was formerly a Dental Technology Instructor for the State of Michigan Department of corrections. Dad purchased 980 shortly after his retirement as a  reward for many years of hard work and sacrifice for our family. Among his many other sacrifices, dad sold a previous airplane (a 1959 150) to help put me, (Michael) through College.

980 currently has 1,985 hours engine/airframe time and is S.T.C.’d for auto-gas.  During the eight years he's owned her, dad has replaced all four new cylinders with new, and installed a Nav/Com, Indicator and Audio Panel.  These items were all purchased on E-Bay!  I think he has a total of $25 in the Audio Panel.  Hopefully it'll keep working, we’ve gotten 3 years so far, more than our monies worth.

Dad graciously allowed me to earn my Private Pilots License using the plane and we put about 100-150 hours a year on the tach between the two of us. It has proved reliable and inexpensive, with little or no maintenance problems. 

My dad recently completed rebuilding a 1969 150, so he currently has two 150’s.  He’s wrestling with idea of which airplane to part with, or maybe selling both and move up to a 172.  Dad has grandchildren now who will probably be raised as airport kids too.

Thanks Dad! – N22980 is a good old friend to the family!

Michael Moore.

[Posted June 30, 2005]

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