Airplane of the Month • April  2003

N150WW 1973 Model: 150L Serial#: 15073853
195 of 1,192, 1973 150L's manufactured
15,852 of 21,404, 150's manufactured
 in the USA

The Story of N150WW:
Owner Wayne Westerman extensively restored and upgraded this 150, at considerable effort and expense. Among the upgrades is a Lycoming 150HP engine and Flint Long range tanks, which gives the airplane a total fuel capacity of 48 gallons.

Wayne is very satisfied with the airplane's capability and performance. In his words, "A 150/150 is an economical, tough, forgiving, fun and exciting plane to fly. The additional power added by the conversion allows a great deal of flexibility when compared to a stock 150. Some compromises must be made to realize the benefits of the additional horsepower."

Wayne Westerman is a 66 year old  Electronic Engineer,  and a member of the Cessna 150-152 Club since 2001. Wayne first soloed an airplane on June 12, 1952, but didn't get his private pilot's license until June of 1972. Since then he's accumulated 5000+ hours as PIC with 350+ IFR approaches. Wayne has  owned 9 aircraft over 30 years; 2 Cherokee-140s, a Cessna 182, a Varga, a Warrior, an Arrow, a Cessna 152, a Cessna T210 and the 150/150 SportHawk. Wayne says the SportHawk is the most fun to fly by a long shot!

The SportHawk is used as a cross country plane throughout West Texas and New Mexico, Wayne has a summer home in the mountains of Southern New Mexico,  and regularly flies in and out of the 7000' MSL airport near Ruidoso New Mexico.

You can read about Wayne Westerman's cross country trip to the Cessna 150-152 Club 2002 National Fly-In Here..

[Posted April 8, 2003]

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