Airplane of the Month • October  2005

1967 Cessna 150 N3740J
Cover Photograph by Gary Shreve  (see Gary's Horz Stab on right...)  N3740J Landing at Clinton, Iowa
Jeff Landing At Clinton 2005   Photograph by Tom Kozel

Jeff Hersom's 1967 White and Gray 150 "Gremlin"
Year: 1967 Model: 150G Serial#: 15065040
508 of 2,666, 1967 150G's manufactured
7,039 of 21,404, 150's manufactured
 in the USA

I acquired the Gremlin (with a lot of assistance from my father) in January 2005, after the Cessna 150 I was lined up to buy suffered an untimely death!! The main reason for buying the little bird was for me to build up more hours toward a future flying career, but I have since found out that just flying it around for no reason is more fun!

 N3740J Avionics Stack
The Gremlin is Unusually Well "Stacked"

In March, my father and I decided to get it IFR equipped and certified, and jokingly the avionics tech and I suggested a Garmin GNS 430, and explained what it is and what it does, and my dad actually bit! With the 430, we also installed an 340 audio panel, and a new CDI with GS.

The same month I discovered ownership was not all fun and games with the first electrical failure. The avionics shop found nothing wrong with it, my shop found nothing wrong with it until I was flying home one night and had a second electrical failure, and the airport I was landing at shut its lights off as I was on final. Nobody could diagnose the problem, which also resulted in a burnt out battery and alternator, and a fried transponder!

So, after spending more money than I care to share, it turned out to be the alternator circuit breaker. A simple circuit breaker!

I can't complain, though, we installed a new Garmin 327 digital transponder when the Narco died. That's where she gained the nickname 'Gremlin'

Flying this airplane is a dream. Other than a slight left turning tendency, she flies like new!

Every flight in this airplane is an adventure, no matter how long or short the flight is! I've made 2 literal cross country trips, one being Clinton '05, the other being the flight from Ohio to her new home in Florida.

I wouldn't trade this plane for the world (that is until I see the bill for the upcoming annual!)

She had 5,500 hours TT, and 400 SMOH in September 2005.

Jeff Hersom
Tampa, Florida

Jeff Hersom skateboard transportation

[Posted September 30, 2005]

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