Airplane of the Month • December  2004

Year: 1974 Model: A150L Serial#: A1500478
49 of 94, 1974 A150L's manufactured
478 of 734, 150 Aerobat's manufactured in the USA

Archie Woodworth's 1974 Aerobat "Long Legs Louise"
Archie bought N9981G in July of 2002 after an exhaustive search for the "Right" Aerobat. He flew her home from Michigan across Canada and past Niagara Falls. It was the airplane's endurance on this memorable trip that earned her the nickname "Long Legs Louise"   Archie and Louise have enjoyed all sorts of flying adventures since then, but like so many pilots, Archie has once again been bitten by airplane wanderlust, and has decided to sell the airplane.

Get a 3D tour inside Long Legs Louise at 1,400 ft AGL off the departure end of runway 10 at Williamson (3G7) Sodus, New York. Photographer Patrick St. Clair created this QuickTime 3D image that lets you pan 360 degrees around the cockpit, look out the front, side, or back windows, up and down, and even zoom in and out.  

[Posted December 1, 2004]

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