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The Cessna 150-152 FLy-In Foundation

The Cessna 150-152 Fly-In (AKA the Confab in the Corn) has grown from a simple gathering to an annual event requiring months of time and effort to organize and run. The Cessna 150-152 Fly-In Foundation was formed in 2009, with its sole purpose to organize, plan, and run the annual Cessna 150-152 Fly-In.

The Cessna 150-152 Fly-In Foundation is registered in the state of Illinois under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-profit charitable organization. All donations to the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In Foundation are tax deductable.

Although the Foundation is a non-profit organization, that does not mean the Foundation has to operate at a loss, or have zero dollars in the bank at the end of the year. Just like any other business, the Foundation can have a running profit - indeed, it must have a running profit in order to remain a viable and growing concern. In a company run for profit, the profits are usually divided up among the owners. There are no owners of the Foundation and all profits are put towards future events or other matters that further the Foundation's goals. Foundation Directors and Officers are unpaid volunteers. They pay their own way to all Foundation events, meetings, and the Fly-In.

Foundation Officers

Board of Directors

ron stewart

Kirk Bio Pic.jpg

Kirk Wennerstrom


1,700 hour Private Pilot, with 1,000 of those in a 150. A former 150 owner, he now owns a Cardinal. But he flys that Cardnal to the Confab every year.


Jeff McGuire

Vice President

A retired fireman that owns a 182, but he also keeps coming back to the Confab. 


Terry Monday


He's a CPA. That's a good thing since he's watching all of our money. He also owns a 150 "M" and his annual flights to the Confab are rarely "straight forward." 

Dave pic.jpg 1.jpg

Dave Rowland


Works in IT. He owns a  Cessna 150 known as the "Rat Rod." It's a '66 "F" modified with a 150 horse Lycoming, and a bunch of other toys. 


Mark Buchner

Director of Operations

A retired USAF MSgt, and now a  retired 767 Captain. He has owned his Cessna 150 for 17 years. 

Board of Directors

headshotRon (2).jpg

Ron Stewart


Took his flrst flight at age 7. Started flying lessons at 19, and now has 1,700 hours in his 152. Been to every Confab since 2006.


George Jameson


A 700 hour Private Pilot, with over 500 of those in his 152. Based in Central Massachusetts, he speaks with a funny accent and is a proud member of the East Coast Outkast.

Figuli pic.JPG

Ed Figuli


First flew with the Boy Scouts. Now 2,400 hours later he owns Woodstock, a highly modified 150hp yellow Texas Taildragger.


Membership in the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In Foundation (the “Foundation”) is available to anyone interested in the Cessna 150, The Cessna 152, and/or the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In. Individuals become members by attending a Cessna 150-152 Fly-In or joining the Cessna 150-152 Club.


Membership is Active or Inactive based on the member’s status:

  • Active Membership

    • Fly-In Members are active with the attendance at the most recent Cessna 150-152 Fly-In, and remain so until the start of the next Cessna 150-152 Fly-In.

    • Club Members are active as Long as their club Membership is in effect.

  • Inactive Membership

    • Fly-In Members become inactive if they have not attended the most recent Fly-In

    • Club Member’s become inactive if their membership is not renewed.


The date for the annual meeting of the membership is determined by the Board of Directors.

The 2021 Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 22nd at the Cessna 150-152 Fly-In

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