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Let's set up a Caravan from Michigan to the CWI for the annual fly in. We could call it anything you want, but simply put it could just be Michiganders. Looking at the pilots already signed up to fly on the 20th, the closest to CWI is in Niles.

I suggest we all gather at Niles on the 20th. From there follow a good route to CWI. Perhaps the one I was going to take, stopping first at VPZ for final fueling and then non-stop to CWI. From Niles (3TR) it is 195nm, approx 16 gallons and 2:20 time. So stopping for final fuel at VPZ would then have us burning about 13 gallons, leaving plenty for reserve.

I'm hoping that several of you from Michigan will join me on this journey. Personally, this will be my first Confab. After this, I plan to fly up to Oshkosh on Saturday if there is any interest in Caravanning up there too.

Proposed route: 3TR VPZ C09 CWI

Contact Mark at

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